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Product Information :

Product Name: FR VEST FR Work Jacket Supplier

TYPE: Heat Resistant Clothes

STANDARD:EN11612(A1,B1,C1),NFPA2112,NFPA 70E,EN1149-5

DESCRIPTION: Contrast color; Zipper closure; Multiple pockets

COMPOSITION: 88% cotton 12% nylon

ATPV 9.6 cal/cm2

AREA OF USE: Weld Industry, Electrical Industry, Oil Industry, Petrochemical Industry, etc.

Flame retardant FR work jacket supplier FR safety vest is the perfect choice for ultimate safety.

In the face of a fireplace or explosion, tons of clothing burns and burn. Some will even melt on the body of the wearer. this may cause noteworthy damage because the material fire regularly burns for extended and causes more harm than the introductory occasion.
FR work jacket and vest clothing is a crucial feature for workers within the electrical industry. Be that because it may, the safety shifts counting on the bend list of the article of clothing. Wearers got to understand how the FR clothing they choose can and can’t protect them.
Flame retardant clothing work jacket and vest, while extremely important PPE, isn’t flame retardant. Beneath extraordinary conditions, clothing does trip and, in spite of the very fact that it doesn’t dissolve on the wearer’s body and doesn’t burn for the least of your time, it can still cause genuine harm.


FR Work Jacket Supplier FR Work Jacket Supplier

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