About Us

Suzhou Mora Clothing Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. was established in 2006.

We specialize in Flame Retardant Apparel Manufacturer, from flame resistant clothing botw, flame resistant coverall

flame resistant hoodie, flame resistant shirt ,factory workwear, uniform distributor, hi vis flame resistant shirts etc.

*Have our own fabric laboratory, can ensure the fabric is up to standard

*Lots of our fabrics and garments are already certified by NFPA2112

*Our factory is ISO 9001 certified, which guarantees top quality.

About us

We Design For Safety 


Flame Retardant Apparel Manufacturer fabrics are made from materials that are inherently non-flammable. These materials have flame resistance built into their chemical structures. Fabrics made with these types of materials are designed to prevent the spread of fire and will not melt or drip when in close proximity to a flame. Because flame-resistant fabrics are not usually made from 100% flame-resistant materials, they will burn but will do so very, very slowly and are often self-extinguishing.