Flame Resistant Pullover Shirt

Flame Resistant Pullover Shirt

Production Information

PRODUCT NAME: Flame Resistant Pullover Shirt

STANDARD: NFPA 2112;NFPA 70E;ASTM F1506;ASTM 1959;EN 11611;EN11612;

DESCRIPTION:Round neck ,Long sleeve



ATPV 8.2cal/cm2


AREA OF USE: refinery industry; construction industry; petrochemical; weld; logistics 

This Flame Resistant Shirt operating in high-risk environments needs work clothing that offers high visibility, exceptional thermal protection, and flame resistance. For many workers, exposure to heat, open flames, and sparks is just a part of everyday life. At Northwest Outlet, we provide protective clothing, including high visibility clothing, work clothing, and fire and heat resistant accessories, designed to protect you from workplace hazards.

Flame Resistant Clothing is an important safety feature for workers in the electrical industry. However, the protection varies depending on the arc index of the garment. Wearers need to understand how the FR clothing they choose can and cannot protect them.

When faced with a fire or explosion, a lot of clothes will burn and burn. Some will even melt on the wearer’s body. This can lead to significant injuries as the textile fire often burns longer and results in more damage than the initial event.

In the face of a fire or explosion, a lot of clothing burns and burns. Some will even melt on the body of the wearer. This can lead to significant injury as the textile fire often burns for longer and causes more damage than the initial event.
Flame retardant clothing, while extremely important PPE, is not flame retardant. Under extreme conditions, clothing does ignite, Manufacturing Directory and, although it does not melt on the wearer’s body and does not burn for a minimum of time, it can still cause serious injury.


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